Do you regret anything in your life?
The sound mark your steps ...
Game , history, message, expression???

  • Try to make a game that transmit the five most common regrets, when our life comes to the end. (Based on an article by Bronnie Ware)
  • Try to link the common regrets the existence of most people places.
  • The protagonist appears in a cemetery, realizing that he is already dead. At that moment he begins a journey through his memories, mixed with reality. ¿?
  • The goal is to collect tips as gem that appear to meet people and places. If you take too long, a wave of absence catch you, making you forget who you are and you did.
  • The audio plays an important factor, since it indicates where happen next significant action in the game. (Highly recommended to play with headphones)
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    It seems that the game works fine in Chrome.


    Game keeps crashing in Chrome, which is disappointing.

    What's going on? The game worked in chrome. I will try, sorry

    It seems that the game works fine in Chrome.